Keith L.
Blankenship, P.T., CBFE, CEAS
Keith Blankenship was born in Cincinnati, OH, he attended Wellston High School, Wellston, OH, he attended Marshall University, Huntington, WV, he earned his B.S. in Physical Therapy from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, he was a Lieutenant and Physical Therapist
in the U.S. Public Health Service in New York City, he became the Director of Physical Therapy at The Kings' Daughters Hospital, Ashland, KY, and he was a Clinical Instructor for the University of Kentucky from 1976-1983 and for West Virginia University from 1979-1983. He Co-Authored the American Back School, a popular Back Injury Prevention program that was commended in the Wall Street Journal for its savings for the CSX Corporation.
Keith then became the Director of one of the nation's first Work Hardening Centers in 1983, The American Back to Work Center in Macon, GA, and it was there that he began developing his unique style of evaluating industrial injuries. And it was from this innovative work that he began what would become one of the world's most popular seminar series on Work Hardening Programs and Functional Capacity Evaluations, which he sponsored and also personally taught to over 16,000 professionals from 1984-2002. Keith is now the Owner and Director of THE BLANKENSHIP CENTER, Macon, GA, which is dedicated to the performance of FCE's and Impairment Rating Evaluations, and Blankenship, Inc., through which the BLANKENSHIP WORKEVAL VIDEO SEMINAR was developed and is now marketed.  
Lisa Blankenship was born in Macon, GA, and she attended Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, TN, and Macon State College in Macon, GA, majoring in both Psychology and Business. Lisa began working in the Workers' Comp arena in 1983 at The American Back to
Work Center in Macon, GA, and it was here that she began learning the nuances of Job-Related Injuries and Workers' Compensation Claims. Lisa developed the Business Operations for The American Back to Work Center as Keith was developing his unique system for evaluating
patients with work-related injuries. Lisa went on to earn her Certified Workers' Compensation Professional (CWCP) certification and her Medical Provider Workers' Compensation Professional (MPWCP) certification, and she obtained her license as a Georgia Workers' Compensation Insurance Adjuster.    
Keith and Lisa left The American Back to Work Center in 1984 and embarked upon a journey
to teach all medical professionals how to establish Work Hardening and Functional Capacity Evaluation programs. Lisa was the COO and CFO of their FCE and Work Hardening Center,
the Human Performance Center, and also the Director of Business Operations and Seminar Coordinaor for their first company, American Therapeutics,Inc., which ultimately became
The Blankenship Group, Inc. Lisa is now the Director of Business Operations of The
Blankenship Center in Macon, GA, and the CFO of Blankenship, Inc.
Lisa S. Blankenship, CWCP, MPWCP
Keith and Lisa have compiled an impressive list of firsts in the Industrial Rehabilitation field, in fact, the very name of the evaluation process everyone refers to now, FCE, Functional Capacity Evaluation, was developed by Keith and Lisa. They were the first to sponsor and teach Industrial Rehabilitation Programs in Live Seminars to all professionals internationally. Keith was the first Physical Therapist to present a Full Day Symposium on Industrial Rehabilitation at the 1986 APTA Conference, and he was the first to present a One-Day Symposium to the American Back Society in 1987 on Industrial Rehabilitation. He was the first to teach Live FCE Seminars to all professionals internationally and he was the first to develop a Multifaceted FCE Validity Profile, a groundbreaking accomplishment that continues to shape the Reliability and Validity of FCE's around the world. Keith was the first to develop a Fully Computerized FCE System of Direct Online Musculoskeletal and Functional Evaluation Tools, such as, a Hand-Held Manual Muscle Tester, a Spinal Inclinometer, an Algometer for the Lumbar Spine, a Hand Grip Gauge, a Pinch Grip Gauge, a Static Force Gauge for Static Whole Body and Job Specific Strength Testing, a Sensor Lead and a Chest Lead Heart Rate Monitor and a Computerized Isoinertial Lifting System.  
Keith has authored, produced and marketed 12 Software Programs, including the popular FCE Soft, the first intelligent FCE Software program that made decisions based on the testing outcomes. He has invented a wide array of Industrial Rehabilitation Equipment and he holds a patent on the world's first Nontethered Computerized Isoinertial Lifting System called AcuLift. AcuLift was capable of accurately identifying the 3 primary components of Safe Lifting, Pain, Effort and Muscular Overload. Keith and Lisa sponsored and conducted professional seminars on a variety of Industrial Rehabilitation topics, including FCE's, Work Hardening, Back School,
Pre-Placement Screening, Upper Extremity Repetitive Stress Disorders, Malingering in Low
Keith L. Blankenship Presenting
at the 13th National Education Conference of the Association
of Administrative Law Judges
Orlando, FL, 2004
Back Pain, Ergonomics and the AMA Impairment Rating Evaluation process, he was the first to incorporate Ergonomic Analyses into the FCE process with mathematical calculations regarding the risk of Low Back and other Musculoskeletal injuries upon return to work. Keith was the first to develop a Strengthening and Torso Stabilizing System designed around Playing a Computer Game, the MARS 360 with the Aliens Game. Keith was the first to develop and teach how to perform a Job-Site FCE and he was the first to produce an FCE Home Study Program so professionals could become Certified FCE Evaluators without leaving their practices to take a lengthy seminar, and
he was the first to ever teach a Live FCE Seminar entirely on Notebook Computers.  And his FCE Process is still supported by the best peer-reviewed research of all FCE Systems available today. 
Since 1983, Keith has personally spent nearly 20,000 hours of performing FCE's, but in 2002,
he took sabbatical from teaching seminars and marketing FCE Systems to concentrate on one goal, how to make the FCE process even better than what it already was, how to develop even a better Validity Profile, how to collect more pertinent information about an injured worker's ability to work, and how to do all of this in less time. And after several years of scrutinizing everything he was doing, Keith realized that the FCE process had to go through a "Paradigm Shift", and it was at that point that he started developing a New FCE System based around that Paradigm Shift, called The Blankenship WorkEvalTM. The WorkEvalTM includes a new philosophy, THE R-FACTOR, which is a departure from the philosophy of all other FCE Systems, and Keith believes that THE R-FACTOR makes The Blankenship WorkEvalTM
the Best FCE System today that can be offered to your Referral Sources, to the Workers'
Comp Insurance Companies and to the Workers' Comp Medical-Legal arena. 
THE R-FACTOR and a quality Validity Profile can be added to any FCE System, so if you're performing FCE's by the Matheson, Isernhagen, Lechner, Key or any other system, THE R-FACTOR of the The Blankenship WorkEvalTM
can be added to your system to make it the Best FCE System available today and qualify you to function in today's demanding Workers' Comp Medical-Legal arena.  
Keith L. Blankenship Teaching
FCE Seminars on Notebook Computers in Macon, GA
After The Blankenship WorkEvalTM was completed, Keith taught his new FCE process
with THE R-FACTORTM in Live Seminars in Macon from 2009-2014. But Live Seminars are expensive to attend and they not only take the professional away from their home and family for long periods of time, they also take them away from their productive role in
the clinic.  So the next natural evolution was to produce a way for professionals to learn how to perform FCE's with The Blankenship WorkEvalTM process with THE R-FACTORTM, so Keith spent a full year developing the next evolution in FCE Training, The Blankenship WorkEvalTM Video SeminarTM, and now referred to simply as The Video SeminarTM
The Video SeminarTM is a 35 Hour high-quality seminar with Live Lectures on every topic, Live Demonstrations on Models with a Variety of Orthopaedic Conditions and Dozens of Videos of Symptom and Disability Exaggerators who are attempting to show that they have too much pain to perform many of the Clinical and Functional tests. 
The Video SeminarTM is simply the best, most efficient and least expensive way to learn how to perform an FCE, and once you've completed The Video SeminarTM, and passed all of the CEU Exams, and completed the Certified Blankenship Functional Evaluator Credentialing Process, you are then qualified to place the (CBFE) Credentials behind your name and to join an elite group of other FCE Evaluators who are dedicated to achieving the highest level of knowledge and expertise possible in the specialized field of Industrial Medicine and Rehabilitation. 
The Video SeminarTM was designed in 30 min. segments that can be viewed once a day or whenever you desire, there's no mandated schedule, you're in full control of your learning experience. The Video SeminarTM shows how to perform every test and every evaluation on models with a variety of Orthopaedic problems, and Keith draws from his extensive Video Library to show dozens of videos of Malingerers being tested by Keith, so you get to see exactly how decisions are made in real-time on real pathology. And if an FCE Evaluator leaves your practice, The Video SeminarTM can be used to train a replacement before they ever leave your practice, so you're never without a qualified FCE Evaluator. And you can train your Professional any time at no additional cost, and there's no need to arrange coverage for their patients because they never leave your clinic. And there are no Basic and Advanced Level courses because all of the content is included on The Video SeminarTM, a 35 hour program.
Learn How to Perform FCE's and
Obtain Your CEU' and Your CBFE Certification at Home by
The WorkEval SeminarTM
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Training with The Blankenship WorkEval Video Seminar is One of the
Most Professionally Rewarding and Financially Sound Decisions
You Will Ever Make for Your Personal and Your FCE Practice! 
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